Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Surprising gifts ideas for boyfriend birthday

If your boyfriend has a birthday approaching and you want to make it really special, you'd best start planning well in advance particularly if you want to organise some sort of surprise. The right surprise will change
depending on the guy, so attempt to judge your man well and come track of a surprise he will absolutely love. The following is a brief consider a few ideas for organising a surprise for the boyfriend’s next birthday. On your boyfriend's next birthday, step-up your game sby coming up with a gift or perhaps an activity that will take him by surprise. Skip the conventional new shirt, favorite beer or anything you traditionally give him. Instead, consider his hobbies, interests, or perhaps a life-long dream and come up with a creative method to incorporate those ideas into a surprise gift. Browse the following surprising gifts ideas for boyfriend birthday -

Special Surprising gifting ideas

Your guy is a people’s person? How about thrown him a surprise birthday party. Call up his gang n hit it!! And if your baby is among the one’s who would rather spend the evenin wid u and oly u! Then arrange for a quiet candle light. Book the whole place. This is the best idea for Surprising gifts for boyfriend.

Surprise gifts in budget

Have the budget. Of course, of course. As far as I know, the most that I've spent that days was about P7,500. That includes food for 50 people, loot bags care of McDonald's, balloons, staff for assistance, invitations, and mascot appearance. That's very affordable, isn't it?Fashionable Accessories: Give him some fashionable accessories. Classy watches are again an option.


Drinks Anyone? A bottle of champagne, wine or that whisky they always wanted for their collection could be just wonderful. Also, how about making him a special cocktail or mocktail? You know your own recipe ;)

Look Good, Feel Good

How about gifting him a classy new wallet..could be antiqued or something from his favourite brand? Dresses are always an option. Well people say, if he is a serious kinda person give him formals and office wears and if he is a funky kinda person gift him casuals. I say, do d different! He is your boi after all. If he is all serious give him funky casuals and if he is a messed up bad boy? Gift him formals and be prepared to be all surprised.

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  1. Great ideas! But if you can get him something that he has always wanted to acquire then it will make the most special birthday gift for him ever. It can be anything from a handmade card to a handmade photo frame or collage to a scrapbook. You can write romantic poems or even your favorite love song's lyrics in your handmade card. Decorate it with hearts and flowers for further beautification. He will be smitten by this act. You can also buy him tickets for his favorite sports' events and match etc. autographed merchandise will be the icing on the cake. Go camping with him in a forest on the outskirts of the town. No other way could give a perfect ending to your adventure trip. Hide your tiny gifts in the house and let him find his way around the house with the help of hints or clues. That will be one of a kind birthday gift for your boyfriend. Get him a gift voucher for an online shopping store, which will make it easier for him to shop his favorite gift.