Monday, 29 July 2013

Gifts for Baby's First Birthday

Avery’s first birthday is just one month away and I am busy attempting to do everything I can to make her initial birthday as special as always. Lately I've been spending so much time trying to puzzle out what I want to do for her birthday celebration, that I've had no time to consider her gifts.

A lot of our friends and family have asked what to get her on her birthday and I've given them the lame response of “I have simply no idea.” I forgot how hard it had been to get babies birthday gifts for someone who can’t let me know what she wants. Especially when Personally i think like she just got a lot stuff for Christmas!

If you do bit of thinking and searching the web, I've found 8 gifts that Avery would like to get for her first birthday!

Walker Wagon
From Radio Flyer. This push wagon is an ideal fit for 1-year-olds because they can ride inside it, walk with it, and grow it with toys. Baby will feel happy with her fancy new wheels!

Soft Chime Garden
From Lamaze. Flowers always are the ideal birthday gift! This baby-friendly plush bouquet has happy-face blooms that illuminate, chime, and play music when tots touch or tug in it.

Fish and Splish Boat
From B. Toys. Baby's first birthday is a superb time to upgrade his bathtime toys. This fun tugboat has a baby-size fishing rod, floating fish, and stacking cups. Plus, it's simple for parents because some of the toys also function as a comb, nail brush, or water cup for rinsing baby's hair.

Wonder Wheel
From Sassy. This ball of fun will stimulate baby's brain with colors, patterns, and (not-too-loud) sounds. It suctions to some high chair tray, so it's ideal for little ones who love to toss their toys. It won this year's Oppenheimer Toy Portfolio "Best Toy Award." Bonus: It does not break the bank!

Baby's First Year Picture Frame
From Malden. Mom will certainly appreciate this gift more than baby! However this keepsake of photos from throughout baby's newbie is a great way to mark the special day of baby's first birthday. Grandma may want one, too.

Toddler's First Band Set
From Edushape. Music is ideal for brain development in babies. Additionally, it sparks an interest in musical creativity and rhythm. This five-piece guitar set offers a rich number of activities and sounds which are a great way to develop your baby's senses.

First Birthday Personalized Clothing
Personalized clothes, bodysuits, bibs, and T-shirts for baby's big day are a great gift idea. Any birthday baby will appear adorable in his new "birthday suit."

Gift certificates
Can't think of the right gift to provide? A gift card to any children's store is fantastic for parents and baby. This way mom and dad can get baby precisely what she needs or wants on her birthday.

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