Thursday, 2 May 2013

Personalized Birthday Gifts for Baby

Babies bring a lot of joy for individuals in the family and the best way to express that joy is as simple as giving gifts for the bay. Sometimes there are so many things that we want to buy however cannot decide as to what the infant might need at that point. We also wish to give such gifts towards the baby, which can be kept like a memento for future to ensure that when the baby grows up they might remember. You can personalize a present with the help of a message or the bay's name, their date of birth or time of birth. There are many ways to personalize a gift and also the only thing it depends upon may be the gift that you want to give. You are able to gift jewelry, picture frames, clothes, blankets as well as piggy banks.

What to Personalize 

There are many items that can be personalized as baby gifts like goody bag that you can give a baby foot-casting mold, a little toy and a picture frame. Else you may also gift cute jewelry boxes if it's a baby girl which has her name written onto it and a meaning of her name or information regarding her zodiac sign. You can also obtain the baby room decor which would stay for some time and as and how she matures it would not lose its usefulness. You are able to gift a key holder having a message on it or just a hanging showpiece for that baby's room. You can also gift pillows using the picture of the baby printed onto it. You can also get a bath towel for that baby with the picture of the people printed on the towel or their name written on it.

Personalized Birthday present Ideas For Baby

Door Name Plates

Obtainable in fun, bright and colorful designs, door name plates are unique personalized gifts for the baby’s bedroom or nursery. You may also personalize door signs using the baby’s name. They make fun accessories on baby’s bedroom or nursery door too.

Jigsaw Puzzles

As your baby grows, see him solve the puzzle only to discover his name embossed onto it. You can find jigsaw puzzles made from wood with bright and colorful designs such as the baby’s name. Such puzzles have a glossy finish preventing the pieces from hurting your child. Truly a unique and original personalized present for a baby-turning-into-toddler!


Clothes are, indeed, probably the most common presents gifted on the baby’s birthday. But you can add fun and uniqueness towards the usual clothes by personalizing them. Obtain the baby’s name or initials engraved or printed on its clothing, for example shirts, hats, caps, bibs, napkins, frocks, and trousers. Allow the baby reveal its own personality with this particular one-of-a-kind gift.

Baby Blankets

Blankets happen to be an all-time favorite gift for babies. They're highly personal and appreciated for several years. While everyone is in the race of gifting personalized baby gifts, why should you be left behind? Give a special and personal value towards the regular blankets by getting the baby’s name and vital statistics embroidered in it. Accompany the basics with cute sayings and heartfelt quotes. Not simply will the parents of the baby be delighted, it'll strength your connection with the infant and the family.

Jewelry is loved by everyone, be it the oldies, youngsters or babies. From diamond to gold to silver, you will find innumerable options open to gift an infant with a precious piece of jewelry. Monogrammed pendants, stretch alphabet bead, pearl bracelets with baby’s name engraved, and charm pendants featuring the photograph of the people are some unique ways of delighting parents as well as their baby.

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