Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Edible Gifts For Easter

Easter is a fun time in which to purchase edible gifts for everyone, including children and adults. While kids prefer to get an Easter basket filled with edible goodies, adults do too, and you may get really creative concerning the edible gifts you come up with for Easter. Eggs and bunnies will always be in at Easter and if you love to bake, you can make a plethora of egg and bunny shaped goodies. You may also make plain cupcakes special at Easter just by icing them and creating a little basket out of coconut grass.


Easter chocolate options go beyond the usual foil-wrapped chocolate eggs and milk chocolate bunnies. To have an adult Easter basket, consider a dark or white chocolate Easter bunny instead, or forgo the bunny and provide decadent chocolate truffle Easter eggs. Check recipe sites for example and for dark, white and dark chocolate orange truffle eggs.

Spring-Themed Treats

Escape from the traditional Easter basket altogether by offering an edible bouquet in honor of springtime. Options include brightly-colored lollipop bouquets, chocolate floral arrangements, and, of course, Easter cookie bouquets with pastel-colored spring and Easter-themed oversize cookies. Probably the healthiest and most creative spring-themed edible Easter gift, though, is really a fruit bouquet with melons, strawberries, grapes and pineapples arranged to produce a juicy burst of color that's visually appealing and mouth-watering at the same time. Consult sites such as Edible Fruit and Fruit Basket to obtain an idea of the possibilities or tips on creating your personal arrangement.

Cakes and Cupcakes

For that creative cake-maker, Easter cakes offer a wide range of possibilities, from candy-decorated bunny cakes to beautiful and elaborate egg-shaped cakes decorated to appear like an Easter egg. One of the most popular types of Easter cakes may be the basket cake, with a basket weave icing design, which may be topped with Easter treats just like a real Easter basket.

Decorated Eggs

Decorated Easter eggs are traditional Easter gifts , traditionally concealed round the home and garden for all to search for, early on Easter Sunday morning. Since there are hundreds of methods to make them, choose an original method and involve the children along the way for creative and comic family gifts. Decorate an egg using colored markers, glue, buttons, fabric snippets and wool for hair, within the image of each family member. Following the Easter egg hunt is done, make a game of guessing who created each egg.

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