Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Christmas Gifts For Boyfriend

Finding the best Christmas gift for boyfriend can be a hardest thing for each woman. Every woman wants to purchase a perfect gift that wins her heart of her boyfriend then one that can make her man appreciate her. Listing of some of the popular Christmas gifts for boyfriend are mentioned below. Guys can be quite particular in their likings and especially boyfriends, stick to the below mentioned list for that perfect Christmas gift for boyfriend.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Boyfriend

High Gear Via FM-Radio Pedometer

It's no more an enigma that boys love gadgets and everything that is technological. This compact, lightweight and easy-to-use pedometer includes to play with and ear buds to keep him tuned directly into his favorite station, hearing his favorite music while it monitors your walking progress too. Digital sensor installed in it, tracks your body motion to count the steps and calculate walking distance. Additionally, it displays time, chronograph and calorie counter. This is an imported gift item, apt for the fitness-gizmo- freak boy.

Wine or Champagne & Chocolate Truffles

Christmas is really a time for celebrations and you can plan a basic little romantic date of your with your boyfriend. Pick up a bottle of his favorite wine or champagne along with a box of fine chocolate truffles or delectable chocolate dipped strawberries and you'll indeed have a memorable Christmas date. If you do not know what kind of alcohol he likes, the local wine shop is sure to have some recommendations. As easy as it sounds, it is one of the best Christmas gifts ever, in the end spending time with your lover is the best gift you are able to give him. So make this Christmas an intimate date with some exotic wine and chocolates.

Swiss Army SwissChamp

Men love tools, which prove to be handy in almost any situation or work, and Swiss Army is really a universal favorite. This Swiss-made, Swiss Army SwissChamp from Victorinox features 22 useful tools in a single multitool that is approx. 3.5" in length. Among tools around the SwissChamp are large and small blades, wire cutters, can opener with small screwdriver, bottle opener with large screwdriver and wire stripper, scissors, pliers with wire cutter, wood saw, fish scaler with hook disgorger and ruler, metal saw with metal file and nail file, magnifier, reamer with sewing eye, Phillips screwdriver, corkscrew hook wood chisel fine screwdriver, mini screwdriver, ball point pen, straight pin, toothpick, tweezers and key ring. Get this to Christmas gift special by adding a Christmas gifts tag having a special naughty note for him.

Personalized Pillow

You could have your picture printed on the pillowcase. Which will definitely put you in his head before his sleeps and as soon as he wakes up.


Let’s face the facts. Men love to drink. Why don't you give him booze this Christmas? He probably likes a vintage Jack Daniels or maybe a Johnny Walker.


He likes to smell nice. You will definitely love that, too. There are many perfume choices out there. Select one that smells really nice and fits his preference.

Swiss Knife

A Swiss knife is really a must-have for every man. Whether your guy likes tinkering in the garage, or camping outdoors or just staying at home, he will always find this handy.
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