Monday, 24 September 2012

Homemade Christmas Gifts for Grandparents

They love their grandchildren unconditionally. How can children and parents return a grandparent's special love at the holidays? Let's take a look at some creative, easy, inexpensive gifts you can give to the caring grandparents in your life.

Grandparents day was launched in the USA in 1978 when Jimmy Carter pronounced it a national holiday. Apple does not yet recognize it in their iCal so perhaps it is mainly a gifting holiday. But if you would like to recognize your grandparents who have been so kind to you or your kids, here is a nice official holiday to do it on. The holiday is celebrated in different countries on different days. In the USA it is celebrated on the first Sunday following Labor Day.

Homemade items

Transform the kids’ crafts and drawings into memorable and sentimental gifts. For example, why not pick your child’s twelve favorite drawings and make a calendar. Or have your child draw their grandparents and have it professionally framed and mounted? The difference a bit of packaging makes for an otherwise simple and unremarkable Christmas gift for grandparents.

Homegrown or Homemade Food

Should you remember way back during the spring and summer, I had cultivated some very healthy jalapeno plants that gave me an abundance of jalapenos. My husband canned the majority of those jalapenos (remember the man-canning post?) and that we plan to give them as Christmas gifts to the family members. Of course, if you was without an abundance of food from your garden, you can always create a few batches of my delicious oreo truffles to give out.

Themed Gift Baskets

Another way to show you care, is by compiling a cute gift basket based on each person favorite thing or activity. For a girl, you may want to put together a nice little at-home-spa package. For any sports fanatic, you could put together a few game day essentials. Also, you will get creative with the type of container you utilize, they don’t have to all be baskets. Taking into consideration what each person would find best, and gathering it all together inside a nice display, can be much more meaningful than buying something expensive that may be returned after the holiday season.

Photo Calendar

Collect pictures all the kids and grandkids from throughout the year, go online and create your own photo calendar. You can use snow pictures for January, beach pictures for August, and so forth. Kodak and Shutterfly both have different page layouts to help you include more than one photo on the page if you like. Some calendar programs even let you customize the days of the month, so you can add family birthdays, anniversaries and other events as helpful reminders.

Goofy Grandkids Albuma

A fun project that captures your children’s silly expressions and personalities.  Print your instagram pictures or other silly photos of your children and put them in an album so that their grandparents can always go back and look at them

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