Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Shine with .925 Sterling Silver Bracelets!

Better known as bracelet, armlet or wrist band, bracelets always have charmed fashion jewellery lovers. Bracelets can be composed of metal, leather, cloth, lace, shells, beads, rocks, woods, jewels and gemstones. The history of bracelets as old as 5000 BCE and originated in Egypt. Scarab is known to be the first and most ancient form of bracelet came into existence. Carved scarabs were wrapped into linen bandages of mummy and were worn as jewelry. A tradition named as Martis is famous in Greece where weaving a bracelet from red and whitestring on the first day of March and wearing it till the end of summer. This practice is useful in shielding wearer’s skin from strong Greek sun.

In Latin America, Azbanche named bracelets are worn to defend against evil aura. The evil eye phenomenon, which is actually a negative air created by excessive appreciation born out of immensely high success. New born baby in Latin America is also tied with this bracelet to guard them from bad auras around.

There is another category which is Charm bracelets which possess personal charms which indicate significant things in wearer’s life by counting relative trinklets and gems.

Bangles are also somehow a solid form of bracelets which are specially worn in India to signify that the female is married.  Slap bracelets are covered metal strips curved and adorned with neon colors and vivid graphics.

Many other types of bracelets are in trend in market like iodized bracelets, power balance hologram bracelets and magnetic bracelets. Karma bracelets are composed of wood beads. Sports bracelets consist of rubs and leather and give a rough and tough funky look. Beaded bracelets are tied out of loose beads tied and interlinked around with each other. Link bracelets link other gemstones together which includes variety of metals. Karma bracelets hold various charms associated with bringing good luck and good karma to the wearer.

Available for both genders, these bracelets captivate charm among youngsters and fragile ones sporting feminism are made for females and majorly are composed of metals like plated gold, silver or sterling silver which maintains the grace and glory of these bracelets. .925 sterling silver bracelets have the chic charm of silver with their latest designs.
Bracelets composed of gemstones also lay a pretty effect. Blue Topaz bracelets are also eye-catching.

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