Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Look more gorgeous with a perfect set of bridal jewelry

Marriage is an institution which dates back since times immemorial. The origin of the concept of marriage was due to the stability of staying with one women and having a family to remain focused during the course of life to earn a stable livelihood.

Any wedding place can easily be pointed out with a well lit place consisting a princess looking bejeweled doll wrapped in heavy wedding attire and local Folk performers, dancers and musicians, Snake Charmers, Puppet Shows, Kalbeliyas, Dhol walas provide no less than a fairy tale wedding experience. In contrast a sophisticated and close party wedding with DJ and Cocktail. This is the scene at a typical Indian lavish wedding.

When it comes to wedding, the most important and inseparable part jewelry can’t be spared and contains more value than anything else in a wedding. When it comes to wedding and jewelry than jewelry for brides is the center of attraction in whole event. Indian weddings can’t be completed without jewelry and has always set its own style statements in setting trends for ethnic bridal jewelry.

Today with changing times, bridal jewelry in India is also turning tables in tastes and preferences. Now fashion and jewellery trend walk hand in hand. Jewellery changes its forms according to fashion. Indian jewellery which was synonym of tradition has also boarded the change train with times and the whole jewellery industry is facing changes in demands related to jewellery’s design and forms. The heavy bridal jewelry which used to include Rani Haar etc, has now turned towards the lightest and brightest with global touch in intricate designs. Trends in jewelry in India depend on regions. A North Indian girl would have different tastes and outlook while buying jewellery rather than the South Indian girl.

North India is more focused and exclusive about their demands and preferences in jewelry. A North Indian bride would prefer to have unique jewellery which only she posses. In South Indian, fine and intricate gold jewellery has always been in demands for brides in wedding season. This time, it would be less gaudy and lighter in forms and designs in Indian Jewelry.

Indian bridal jewelry has showcased many trends passing by and is becoming the inspiration and adoptions for many other cultures.

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