Thursday, 26 July 2012

Garner praises with Garnet Rings made of 18k Yellow gold.

When God made women, jewelry took birth from that very moment. Women and jewelry are two words which can’t be separated. Regardless of any occasion or celebration, women always find a perfect excuse of buying these precious stones. With times evolving, jewelry trends are transforming fast and designs are being molded according to the modern changed tastes of the mob.

The word Jewelry is derived from Jewel in English and Jouel in French and beyond that from Latin word Jocale. From the early times, jewelry has taken many forms, shapes and designs. Earlier jewelry was carved by cutting stones and tree skin. The first form of jewelry is almost as old as civilization as the trace of 100,000 year old beads made of Nassarius was found as the first form of adornments.

Then came the era of cultivation where jewelry was made of shells, beads, stones, skins etc. With growing times, Jewelry became status symbol and something to show off. A competition rose among families to have more of it. This is where the jewelry started being precious and also a piece to envy of. The phase which changed the reason of possessing a jewelry which was earlier just to adorn oneself got higher to the levels of status, jealousy and ambition and this is what made market stiff and thus a plunge was taken to mould and innovate designs with the ongoing trend and culture.

Financial strength, social status, future financial protection, as amulet and artistic display which was very first preference to use them has taken back seat in the long queue of materialistic objectives of possessing any precious adornment.
In many cultures, jewelry is a symbol to keep wealth stored and flourish with the growing power and price of it. Rings are considered women’s favorite possession in jewels. Rings which denote love, purity, affection and attachment and thus are worn on ring finger which gets connected with the heart directly.

With changing times, market for rings has undergone a dramatic change; rings are made of precious stones, multi stones, pearls, metals, beads, gems and shells.

Among all stones and gems, Garnet is the most beautiful, royal and precious gem for a perfect ring. A garnet ring is made of rich and deep burgundy colored stone, which illuminates royal charm and creates edge above all.
Garnet in the rings is cut, carved and molded to increase the luster and luminance not the size. A perfect garnet would possess a true rich, pure hue with translucency. The contemporary and latest collection of gold rings comprise of 18k yellow gold garnet rings intricately designed to infuse the royal look and feel. Wear enticing garnet rings to garner praises.

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